Chapter 4 - Page 108
Posted November 3, 2023 at 5:22 pm

Welcome back my friends, to Star Impact!

Thank you all so much for your patience. A few months back I ended my job at Nick. It was the longest industry work I'd ever had, going for over two years, and by the final few months I was creatively drained. I have never dealt with burnout that bad before. Never in my entire life. For a bit there I had to really force myself to draw anything, which is a problem I've never really had.

In the month since I've focused a lot on taking care of myself and finding my love for drawing again. I think I've finally gotten back to a point where I feel excited to draw, and think it's time we get back to Aster and her boxing adventure! I'm excited to finally close out chapter 4 and finally show you all what's to come!

I also understand my limits now more than ever, and will do my best to not push myself to the point of breaking like I did during those last few months at my last job. With any luck, I will never take a 4 month long break again. Thanks, once more, for your patience and understand. You're incredible readers!