Chapter 4 - Page 114
Posted November 28, 2023 at 6:58 pm

Some fun Manny and Lily backstory since it probably won't find a place to pop up in the comic!

Manny got his start as a boxer under Stryker, but she retired not long into his career. He joined up with a different gym and found moderate success as a boxer in his timer there. He was known for being physically average, but having great game sense and a level head.

His Real Leather was called Hitman Tactics. He could lock onto any part of his opponents body, and his body would autopilot the optimal attack (+enhanced speed), with the drawback being he can't opt out once he locks on.

Eventually Lily joined that same gym, and she and Manny became fast friends. He decided to quit pro boxing to open his own gym with Stryker's help, and act as Lily's coach and manager.

He mostly comes off a cold and pragmatic, especially when it comes to acting as Lily's manager, but he's a sweetheart who's just good with data.

Also Manny's eyes are like that when he doesn't wear glasses. He's near sighted so he didn't need them for boxing, but it made him squint a bit, which made him look kind of evil as a boxer lol.